Team 911 now Invite Only

Team 911 now Invite Only

Team 911 now Invite Only

Hello All – We recently decided to change things up a bit as far as our structure goes. 911 will be going from open join requests/voting system for new members to invite only. This means that to get into the clan you have to be invited by someone – You can still request to join but the procedure to do that is now simply asking an active member of the team. Only an existing member can request the admin team to have you be invited and from there it will go into a vote. We decided to go this route because we feel like our “Team” is becoming more of a “Community”. Don’t get us wrong we like the community feel, but 911 is a team above all else, and we want to kind of keep that tight knit feeling where everyone knows everyone. Other than that, have fun and feel free to ask an admin if you have any questions!


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