Summer Update: What’s Next?

Summer Update: What’s Next?

Summer Update: What’s Next?

What’s up everyone! In the past month or so things have seemed to have settled down a bit for Team 911. People spreading out, playing new things, no competition, etc. Many of you are asking yourselves, if not others, what’s going on with 911, what’s next? Well to be honest, it’s quite unknown what is next. Where I see Team 911 right now is in a transition stage. Members burnt out from not just competitive Dirty Bomb, but the game in general. We’ve started to branch out, go in different directions with different games based on taste. I’ve seen it before with Half Life 2, these things happen. So here is what we are going to do about it:

  1. As always I never want to see someone quit the team, but if you feel like you have a better opportunity somewhere else or are just going to stop playing in general, then that is completely understandable.
  2. All active discord members (people who join voice lobbies, join in conversation, and play together) will remain part of the Team, other inactive members will simply be removed from the roster.
  3. We will remain casually playing Dirty Bomb and other FPS games and welcome friends to play with us and join us in discord.
  4. If at any point a member would like to start up a competitive team to compete they are more than welcome, please let me know though so that we can do some announcements and possibly stream these competitions live.

To follow up on number 4: I am going to be taking a back seat as far as playing/managing any competitive team for right now as I am trying to focus on some other things out side of video games. I know a lot of our members are currently playing Dirty Bomb, Rainbow Six Seige, H1Z1, and Paladins, so like stated above, if anyone is interested in competing in those games, or starting a team for a new game please discuss it with me so that we can announce it and list you as a team captain for that game.

With that being said, I will still be around to hangout, chat, play, and answer anyone’s questions and provide updates, it just will not be as frequent until fall comes around.

And Finally: Yes the jerseys are coming! This will be the last time you hear from me about the jerseys because the next time we talk about them you will have one! – I hope you can all be understanding in the time it took for me to make these as I did not for see the overwhelming amount of business I would have in return of my printer getting fixed, and of course paying jobs had to come first. I have since gotten caught up a bit and will be finishing everything (Yes I know you have heard this before but this time I mean it) Once and for all, I thank you for your patience.

I hope that covers everything and everyone’s questions – if not please let me know! Happy Fragging 


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